The Ellen Johansen Music Studio

 8 Stratton Square East Hampton, NY 11937

631-418-5497 (Call or text)

Music Lesson/Class Policy as of August 1, 2023

For all Music Classes:
Absences- if your child needs to miss a class for any reason, please let Ellen Johansen know by telephone (631-324-9648), email  ( or text (631-418-5497). There is no makeup or refund for that missed class.  

All classes begin and end on time - it is important you arrive in time so that you have time to park your car, get to the location and set up your blanket.  It is a disruption to the class when you are late. 

What to bring to class  - Please plan to arrive on time.  Classes begin on the hour and end on time.
Baby and Toddler and Cycles Music Classes: Come prepared to sit on the floor.  Shoes are not allowed in the studio.  Please wear socks.  No Food or toys in the classroom.  
Music Makers Classes: Children are expected to bring their materials to class each week in their red bags.  No shoes in the classroom.  Children should wear socks and clothing that is comfortable on the floor.  Please wash hands before entering studio.  No Food or Toys in the studio.  If student is bringing their water bottle, please make sure it has their name on it.

Piano Lessons and Piano Classes - It is expected that all children remember to bring their music books, theory books and any other pertinent material to class each week.  There is no guarantee there will be a copy of the music at the studio if the student forgets their music.

No toys or food or shoes allowed in the music studio.

Payment for the program is due at the time of registration.  No space will be held in class until full payment is received

Refunds - There is no refund for classes not attended.  Home Material is non-refundable.  Returned checks are charged $30.00. If a child is deemed not ready for a class they have enrolled in, Mrs. Johansen has the right to credit money towards the next semester.

Medical Disclosure - If your child is under any medication or has an allergy, please let Mrs. Johansen know.  

Learning Issues - If you are aware of any learning issues, please discuss with Mrs. Johansen.

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