Fall  2021 Classes are Now Posted

All Fall classes will be in Person at the studio of Ellen Johansen on 8 Stratton Square East Hampton, NY. The classes will be very limited in number and all Covid protocal for indoor activity will be followed.

Ellen Johansen is the teacher for all classes.  She is an early childhood music and movement instructor and an advanced piano teacher.  She has taught music to families on the East End for over 30 years. This coming Fall she will be teaching:
Babies  and Grownup classes - 0 - 2 years
Music and Movement Toddler and Grownup  classes - 2s and 3s
Pre K-Music and Movement classes for 4s (Family time in final 15 minutes of class)
Kindergarten and First Grade Pre-piano classes (Family Time in Final 15 minutes of Class)
Group Beginning Piano Classes - Music Makers at the Keyboard Book 1 (Grownup encouraged to stay for entire class)
Intermediate Group Piano Classes - for graduates of the Music Makers Program
Private piano instruction fro Music Makers Graduates ages 10 and up - by audition only
Adult Piano Instruction 

Mrs. Johansen owns and maintains a full piano  studio in East Hampton Village, New York. During covid ,the studio was completely online.  As  spring  of 2021 brings new hope, the studio is slowly opening for inperson private instruction.  This summer toddler music classes are being offered in the select homes in Bridgehampton and in East Hampton.  The music studio  in East Hampton will be welcoming more programs this fall, mostly small group Piano classes and private piano instruction.  The studio is continuing to offer online music classes and Private piano instruction. This Fall we will be back in the Studio!

I hope you will join us as the studio slowly reopens to happy music making and music development.


"We tried that other music class in town and came back because we find your classes intellectually stimulating."
- Parent enrolling in a Toddler Music Program

"Is Today Music Day?"
-a daily question from many of my enthusiastic toddlers!

We all enjoyed your program so much! What is truly amazing, is the fact that they all walked into the class and didn't know one thing about music. And look at them now. You did an amazing job!
- Parent of a child finishing Book 4 of Music Makers at the Keyboard

"Lillette woke up and twirled around singing "the north wind doth blow and we shall have snow and what will the robin do then? He'll keep himself warm inside of the barn and he'll hide himself under his wing. Poor thing. " I almost died from the cuteness. Thanks for giving her this gift. "
Mother of a Three Year Old Enrolled in Cycle of Seasons

From a mother of a piano student studying with Ellen Johansen:

Hi Ms Ellen,
I heard my son play the First Noel this morning. What a total change from a boring just reading notes play he did before your piano lesson with him. So beautiful with all the dynamics. My spirit just lifted and brought me memories.(we use to sing this in church when I was a little girl) Isn’t that amazing!? A simple music can changed your mood and can take you back in time. God is so good, for giving us the gift of music.Just want to let you know❤